installing scripts?




I am not sure what the problem is, however have you done any debugging?

First I would verify the system environment. This can be done by creating a small script on your web space.


<? phpinfo(); ?>


Give this file name something like phpinfo.php and then launch it from your browser. If successful you should see a LOT of information about your system including version of PHP, Version and type of your webserver and modules compiled in.

Compare that with the requirements for the clan script. Ensure that you meet the minimum requirements.

If you don’t get a lot of formatted information when you run the phpinfo.php script, then you may need to check with netfirms as well.


I took a look at the files from my dreamweaver and it’s not you it’s the file, there is not code just those strange symbols. I advise you to go to and download that template there. Take a look at the files from notepad and you’ll see what I mean.

The one you want that looks similar to the template you want is Enhanced Warfare




Like I said try dl’ing another template from and take a look at the php code. All php code is is human-readable code that the php pharser translate into html for the browser.


yah i just did that… i know what you mean now :)
thank you. i learned somtin new today =P
ill find some other scripts that i wanna use and try installing them =P thank you




That is more of an HTML question but the tag is