install php5.6 with compile error on s390x-suse-linux

I need to install php5.6 in vm (s390x-suse-linux) ,gcc version is 4.1.2 20070115 (SUSE Linux).
configure is :
./configure --prefix=/opt/share/builds/PREQ-zLinux-Console-UpdatePHPAndApache/67/export/ --with-apxs2=/opt/share/builds/PREQ-zLinux-Console-UpdatePHPAndApache/67/export//bin/apxs --with-libxml-dir=/opt/share/builds/PREQ-zLinux-Console-UpdatePHPAndApache/67/export/ --with-openssl=shared,/opt/share/builds/PREQ-zLinux-Console-UpdatePHPAndApache/67/export/ --with-zlib=/opt/share/builds/PREQ-zLinux-Console-UpdatePHPAndApache/67/export/ --enable-sockets --enable-shmop --disable-cgi --with-config-file-path=/opt/share/builds/PREQ-zLinux-Console-UpdatePHPAndApache/67/export//conf

And I did one step " perl -pi -e ‘s/-O2/-m31/;’ Makefile " to let gcc to complier php in 32 bit.
But get odd error when do the make command:
Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to CLICommand::getCommands() must be an instance of CLICommand, instance of stdClass given, called in /opt/share/builds/PREQ-zLinux-Console-UpdatePHPAndApache/68/php/ext/phar/phar.php on line 167 and defined in /opt/share/builds/PREQ-zLinux-Console-UpdatePHPAndApache/68/php/ext/phar/phar.php on line 274
make: *** [ext/phar/phar.phar] error 255

Such error I don’t understand and Google wasn’t very helpful either (unlike with all the other errors I encountered) :slight_smile: . So I hope I can get some more information from you guys.

I can’t directly answer your question, but I am going to mention, in case you didn’t know, that SUSE YAST has a web development pattern that makes it really easy to install.

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