Install both Xampp and Wamp server


I want to install Xampp and Wamp server both in windows system Locally .
any helpful guide??

I strongly suggest you use Vagrant or Docker and develop on virtual machines instead of cluttering your windows install with server stuff.

You can develop on the same environment as you’ll use in production
If you’re on a team you can all use the same environment (never again “it works on my computer”)
You can try different configurations (apache, nginx, hhvm, php5, php7) in minutes
You can mess it up completely and have a new one ready to go in a minute
You don’t clutter your OS with lots of “useless” stuff

I wrote about it in a getting started with coding guide:

I agree with JimL. No need to use both Xamp and Wamp on one system.

I use VMWorkstation where I have every OS available as well as various versions of the same OS. Very handy. Never have to worry about breaking anything.

On my personal computer I have: two instances of Zend Server, and IIS7 running, on different ports, but simultaneously so I can work on various projects without worrying about starting/ stopping the environment.

Work I have Zend, because I REALLY like the debugging tools and our in-house apache server going.

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