Inserting CAPTCHA into existing form....

I have an existing form (see link below) and would like to implement a CAPTCHA, but I don’t want to reconfigure my scripts - I just want to be able to have my SUBMIT verify the code (as I have existing alerts if a user doesn’t complete all fields):

The FORM code this is using is the following:

The above form "calls" a separate php file to validate and process the form.

if anyone knows a way or method of incorporating just the CAPTCHA code for validation within this exisitng form, please let me know.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

I figured it out…

All I did was insert my CAPTCHA “alert” code (see below) into my existing validation form:

//CAPTHCA is valid; proceed the message: save to database, send by e-mail …
echo ‘Security Code Incorrect!’;

Then all I did was add method=“post” to my

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