insert primary key of one table into another table



I have a form that displays data from various tables using radio & dropdowns. I’ve set the value = primary key.

also, there are a couple of text field that the user can enter information.
What i’d like to do is take the value (primary key) that is generated on the form and input that into a seperate database. Is this possible? If so how?


Sure it is possible. For an intro to PHP and the MySQL database go to in the tutorials/basics section there is “Creating Dynamic Websites with PHP and MySQL”. It goes from the installation of the software to creating a small database and querying the database through PHP forms (inserts, deletes, updates all the basic stuff).


well all my inputs are on one form…the forms gets processed by itself. I just want to pass the value=primary key when i do an insert.


In the area that process the form you need to make a connection and insert into the new database.