Inline small css problem


How do I make inline small css here?

foreach(['jquery.flex-images', 'style'] as $name): ?> 
    link href="<?=$data['url']?>/<?=$data['theme_path']?>/<?=$data['settings']['site_theme']?>/assets/css/<?=$name?>.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<?php endforeach ?>

what does ‘small css’ mean to you?

What does the code you posted -supposed- to be doing? (doesnt look very valid/efficient?)

You are trying to load several styles sheets? (why more than 1?)

Please explain what you are TRYING to do… and what you expect as the end result.

Where is the ‘counter’ for your for loop coming from? Is that supposed to be PHP or javasript/jQuery?

PS… please always use code tags so your ‘code’ is easily readable by those attempting to help you.


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What you’re trying to do would be extremely helpful, I am not seeing why this would be done using php as opposed to just in the file directly.

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