hello every one

I had working web page. I have changed my host and upload all files to new host. did necessary changings it worked but I only can see the index.php none of the link is working.

new host is working at windows environment, it was unix before…

web page is…

any kind of help will be appreciated…



During the transfer some files seem to have changed. Your files and or directory do not have read/ execute permissions for the html directory. Until that is fixed I do not know what trouble you are having.


My gut feeling tells me it’s a path problem however i may be wrong…


I’ll be interested to find out what the problem was when you get it sorted,
Red :wink:



thanks for respond… I thought of that too… but all programs are codded how can I decode them and I asked to programmers from india they r asking more than what they asked for program just for correction :slight_smile:

soo is there any php file that I can load and it will work like its in unix?


What do you mean by this?
do you mean all files are unreadable to humans - if that’s the case then perhaps the new server isn’t decoding the pages properly.

Best thing to do is post up the contents of index.php here in this thread so we can take a look at it.
Red :wink: