include or require_once ? API calls

I am trying to call another php file within a php file.

[php]require_once ‘mynamedfile.php’; [/php]
worked just fine.

However, after implementing my hack, the destination file started throwing a 500 error after a week of working just fine. The called file is for assembling an API call and executing it to add someone to a mail list at another host when they register at my website. Problem is, the 500 error was stopping the confirmation email. I have since moved it down below the send mail for confirmation, but am fearful it might start throwing that 500 error again and although it will still send the confirmation email, stop the site with a 500 error.

[php]include ‘mynamedfile.php’;[/php]

work better. All I want to do is excute that specific file upon a valid registration.

While I’m asking, would a badly formed API address cause the 500 error? Or a permission error at the mail list host cause the 500 error.



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