Include Help

Hi! Thanks in advance for your help!

I know little to nothing about php. I’ve managed to tweak and play with some here and there. I’m modifying a wordpress theme and need help figuring this out. I want to include a different file depending on the title of the current page.

So, I have this:

	$content = the_title();
	$mixer = $content[''] . "SideButtons.php";
	echo $mixer;

which echos: AboutSideButtons.php

Now I want to use include() to include this file into the page. I’ve tried every “include()” option I can find… but no matter where I put it I can’t get the include to work. My thought is that I can just add the different php files to the folder, and the template will add the appropriate file according to the page we are on.

Totally up for other suggestions, or a way to complete this plan.

Sorry if this is totally idiotic, please help.


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