Improvised Search Function Help


Ok i have this site where i want users to be able to search by email for a client. I know will bring up my profile but to make it user friendly i want a form. How do i get PHP, or javascript IDN, to take the email and ad it to the url of[EMAIL GOES HERE] ?


If you use HTML forms you can send a user’s input to the next page. If you fetch the values from the form with $_POST you can process them further on that page.


well that isnt really what i want. I only want the email address typed into the text box to be added to the end of the URL string. I dont need that stored as a varible after that.


Why is it so important to use it as a GET variable instead of a POST variable? Isn’t it the point to get the variable across?


well i figured it out but i had to use javascript which added an extra step i would like not to have but it is solved now.
Thanks though


Well, what’s the solution, just in case anyone else comes by with a similar problem?