So what can be done to Improve the site?

Please either POST or PM me your ideas or suggestions.

No Idea is too outlandish…
No Idea is too unreasonable…
No Idea is too crazy…

Well, ok, there are ideas that are too outlandish, unreasonable AND crazy, but give it what you got.


one small thing (for now):

Makeing “General Database” and “MySQL” one topic and move it further to the top.

As it seems to be hardly used i don’t scroll down to check for new messages very often.
And there are a lot of MySQL-question in “General” and “Beginners”.

May help to keep up the intended structure.

  • changing the server time.

  • chmod the avatar folder, or disable the upload field.

Ok, I have “Adjusted” the forums. Hope it’s a bit more logical now. I still think that the “General Database” and “MySQL” forums ought to be separate but they are closer to the top.

seems to work, 4 topics in these forums the last 4 days.

Guidelines looks horrible right now :confused: Not sure if this is a temporary thing or if it’s just not been noticed until now, but it needs a site admin’s attention desperately.

Site Admin gave it attention. It’s been corrected.

No, it was not a temporary thing, rather an oversight and it has not been noticed until now.


Just registered. Why can’t I set my timezone?

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