img tag in php file

Hello there
I am writing to ask you a really simple thing. It has to do with the img tag. I have been using php+mysql+apache so far. However, I do not know why when I use the img tag in the code below, I cannot see any image at all on my browser. What I see instead is the alt name which is “wewe” in this particular case according to the code below.


Untitled Document wewe

On the other hand if I rename this file so that it is file.html instead of file.php, then browsing the file file.html will let me see the image.
So for me it is quite weird: I just can see the image when the extension of the file is html because if it is .php then I just see the name specified in the alt parameter of img.
Since I have been stuck with this stupid thing for a while, my brain is quite tired right now. Moreover, there might be an easy answer to my doubt which I have not found yet. Anyways, I would appreciate your suggestions since I am stuck with this.
Thanks in advance.


<?php echo "wewe" ?>
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