iMDB scrapper to custom post type


I have coded a wordpress movie db theme, I also have a working imdb scraper, but what I was wanting to know is how to merge the scraper into my movie theme. I have tried to write a plugin with the code that I have but to no avail…

Any help be greatly appreciated.


You would have to add more detail, and ask specific questions about the issues you are having.


Sorry for the minimal information about the problems that I am having.

I have coded a movie theme for WordPress which works great apart from the fact that I have to manually input all the information about the movie into custom meta boxes that I have added, which works great apart from it is very time consuming.

I have also got a web scraper that works great, and was wondering if someone could help me make a plugin for my site, as I have tried and failed.

I know there are a good few imdb plugins out there but they are not useful to what my needs are.

Any help greatly appreciated.