imap_body problem

I’m a fairly new php programmer and i’m trying to create a little page to read my emails.

i’m using imap_body to bring back the body of the message in single part messages, the text that comes back however, contains lots of (seemingly) random strings e.g. ‘=09’ , ‘=3D’ and ‘=20’. i’ve looked around for an explanation but i can’t seem to find one.

can anyone enlighten me?



this looks like an escape sequence. could it be that =20 is a blank?

try $body=url_decode(str_replace($body,’=’,’%’));

hopefully there is a better way. but this should work.

Unfortunately this method would render any = signs that were actually meant to be = signs as %, and could not be converted back as you wouldn’t know which % signs were meant to be % signs and which were converted = signs.

man i hope that makes sense to someone else…

have u tryed it?

= and % should be escaped to.

so there should be no = in there that is ment to be a real =

yes i did try it, unfortunately it didn’t work


is it a hex code?

what was the result of my solusion.

if i know some mor about is i may write a function unescaping it, and post it here.

could u post an exaple of a email body, i can experiament with?

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