image upload page

Hello all

I have made an upload page in dreamweaver, that for some reason doesn’t work.

Is there maybe someone that can help with the script, or maybe has one that works.

Thanks very much.


[code]<?php require_once(’…/…/Connections/.php’);
, $******);

Upload billede <?php

if (isset($_FILES[‘filnavn’])) {
print “Fil, der er blevet overf?rt: {$_FILES[‘filnavn’][‘name’]}


$query = "INSERT INTO billeder SET billednavn='".$_FILES['filnavn']['name']."'";

$Result1 = mysql_query($query, $********) or die(mysql_error());


$tempfile = $_FILES[‘filnavn’][‘tmp_name’];
$destination = "…/billeder/{$_FILES[‘filnavn’][‘name’]} ";
copy($tempfile, $destination);



Fil, der skal overføres:


Have you checked out the Handling File Uploads section in the documentation on

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