Image pre-processing

I’m going to be storing images in a database then placing them on various pages. I won’t have any control over the size and shape of the images sent in, so I want to be able to re-size the images before storing them (scale them without changing their proportions).

Does anyone out there know of a server side tool that will resize an image based on parameters passed?

And the other bad news is that my client would like it very much if there were no restrictions on the image type( .jpg, .gif, whatever).

Any ideas?

Certainly php CAN do what you need, however you should check

Unfortunately, depending on your needs there are some restrictions, specifically with the GIF files. (Pertaining to Copyrights, etc…)

Great! This looks like it’s exactly what I was looking for. I thought I would have to go outside PHP.

The copyright issue is not going to be an issue, I hope!, only because it is a site that will be accepting photos of loved ones and family members. I suppose it is possible that someone could send in a photo that was copyrighted by a newspaper or magazine, if one of their loved ones just happened to be a celebrity or was in the local news for one reason or another. Thanks for the thought. I will mention it to my client. Hopefully, we will find a way to insulate my client from any liability in this matter.

Just for clarification, the copyright issues I refered to are NOT using copyrighted material such as photos from a magazine, but rather copyright of Intelectual property (that of the GIF file format and ways of manipulating it) for more information you could check out

Anyway, even as I read the above article, it looks like patent’s have expired and would no longer be an issue… Nonetheless, I did want to clarify what I meant.

Thanks for the clarification. I had no idea it was ever an issue, but a moments reflections certainly raises the possibility.

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