image placing

i uploaded one image.i want to apply three frame(iamge)for the i can do it?
please help me.i am in very truble.

do you want to apply the frame to the image, or do you just want to display the picture inside the frame on a website?

i want both.choosing frames and after that it should be displayon image.

thank you

I was sketching out two different solutions, it would make no sense to do both. Do you want the frame saved over the image so that you overwrite the image file, or do you simply want the image to appear inside a frame when displaying it?

i want image to appear inside of frame.client has to choose three different frame for one picture.

Then display two images, one of the frame and one of the image you have. And use CSS to place them “over” eachother.


sorry sir
this is not actually i want.actually in my site customer have lots of frame to select. from there client will choose three frame and these frame has to show in that image.
please give me a hand sir

Thank You

three frame has to show one image

please help me.i may need 1st one.please explain me that one sir…

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