Image pattern making concept


Hello everyone,

i am wondering if anyone has knowlege about pattern making algorithms? i will try to describe this as best as i can do so:

i have an idea for my nature site which is to use a camoflauge pattern background image for my main content div. However, if i were to make an image, then this image would need to be quite large to be certain that the div is covered and not covered due to image scaling (which would pixelize the image, i think.) even so, when i think about carpets, clothing, posters et cetera, then i see a non matching/non repeating pattern. I suspect that this is accomplished using math like calculus or simply geometry. I wonder about geometry more so because of g-code with cnc.

i was thinking that it would be great to have php code like this. I suppose i’d have to ask a clothing manufacturer or a commercial printing expert about how patterns are created and printed on objects like clothing and carpet. I figure that i will post here incase someone may know an answer to this question. I think it would be cool to be able to create a leopard spot pattern or camoflauge pattern this is non-repeating but still connected as a whole (no break in the pattern). Actually, i bet a software developer could get rich with this idea.

anyway, anyone know where to begin? how to bring this to life?