Image Creation

Hey there, I just have a quick question, I looked through all the image related functions but could not find one that I think suits what I need.

I am looking to make 1 large image from lots of small ones, each image is 20x20 and I want to bind for example 25 together to make a single 100x100 image, is there a way in php to perform this kind of task?

Thanks in advance!

I know the GD Library is what is generally used for graphic manipulation in PHP, however, I know personally, I have not had much luck with using it. I typically will figure out how to do it using ImageMagick’s CONVERT (or other tools) and then script it that way with using a shell_exec or similar.

For example, I have a website that people upload images and I want to put a watermark on the “Displayed” images as well as resize it. I use convert to do both and it works wonderfully.

I don’t know if it will help you but it might work.

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