Im Stuck

I didn’t know if this fits into html or php so i put it here

When people are logged into my site the register text and image are not displayed which is how it is meant to function.

In a separate area i have another register pic and text which is a mess to start with. However the second picture does not go away but the text does.

I am soo close, but i cant get the second picture to disappear when some one is logged in.

Any suggestions from these small snippets (i didn’t want to post the whole page and give every one a headach)

This works fine / First pic and text


Text goes when logged in but pic stays / am trying to fix


<img src="{T_THEME_PATH}/images/reg.png"[/php]

Hi there,

Can you not use some form of tertiary variable command such as:

$style = ($_SESSION['LOGGED_IN'] == true) ? " style=\"display:none;\"" : "";

and then

<img<?php echo $style; ?> src=....

Let me know if this helps / was what you were looking for.

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