i'm NOT a beginner

could anybody remove the “PHP Beginner” under my nick.
thats an offece against me!
“Neophyte Poster” was OK. but i’m NOT a beginner!!!

please !?!

:slight_smile: it’s directly linked to your post count. You’re a Neophyte Poster from 0 to 24 I think, and from 25 to ? you’re a PHP Beginner. Not sure how the chart goes up from there.

To get rid of it (and advance to the next level), be active on PHPHelp.com :slight_smile:

Yup… That would be ME!

I am sorry you took it so literal. If you need a tag under your name to value your worth, then you have more things to worry about than this site. None the less, I have “Altered” the Rank name to something I hope would be Less offecive :roll: I hope you don’t object.


By the way, the majority of the ranks go as follows:


Neophyte Poster / 1  
New Member /  10 	
Junior Member / 100 	
Senior Member / 170 	
Junior Coder  / 250 	
Coder /  350 	
Senior Coder  / 450 	
PHP Junior Professional / 550
Professional  / 700 	
PHP Senior Professional / 850 	
PHP Egghead / 1100 	

I don’t see ‘Administrator’ in that list :wink:

That would be a “Special” rank. And thus only (honestly) attainable by 1 of 2 ways.

  1. By virtue of ownership of the domain
  2. Be appointed by another administrator.

Currently there are only 3 admins.

  • Myself (obviously)
  • A close acquaintance of mine
  • And Miles (Who has been MIA for a while).

I guess I rather just be Moderator! Have some control, without all the responsiblity!

I think Paul does a good enough job!

Oh, btw Paul… You get any of my PMs?

Thanks Ragster…

Yes Got the PM’s Haven’t done much with 'em yet. But I REALLY Appreciate it.


Heh, was more of a joke anyway :wink:
But Ragster is right: you’re doing a great job, and we want Mod status O:)


Ok, if you don’t like them don’t worry, I didn’t do them personally so if you don’t want to use that is fine. You won’t hurt my feelings. :)


As u made such a big thing out of it, i haven’t had the courage to set this strait.

But now i have to.

I found that funny: “PHP Beginner”.
As u know me a little now u know that i know enough about PHP to be sure by myself that i’m a pro.

I thought after my little disposition with Zyppora in my first post, and by overdoing it so much, it would be clear to everybody that this wasn’t mend serious.

Sorry i made u change ur forum. i’m still not used to the fact, that only british people understand the german kind of homor.


Not a problem. It wasn’t a big deal. Realistically speaking it shouldn’t be assumed that someone just coming on the board is a beginner anyway. Just a beginner at posting to our forum.

Anyway, I really don’t hold grudges for very long (unless you REALLY REALLY Piss me off).


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