im New user of Php... Help me plzzz

hello brothers im Beginner of Php …
i dont know what is php or SQl or what is data base…
but i want to know all about PHP…
now my problem is i have downloaded alot of php Scripts, like (ploggerb2.1 ,mGallery_0.8) :cry:

First let me give some advice…

use the search term “Server Side Scripting” Learn what is and all about it. Doesn’t matter what language as they are all using the same principles.

Next, once you have learned how server side scripting works, then look into an apache/mysql/php installer for windows. There are several out ther… WAMP, XAMP, and various others.

PHP is the scripting language.
MySQL is the database.

me so thankfull to u …bro

i got an php.exe , but i dont know what to do with it,
its not installing

If you want to get down and technical:

php.exe can be used in the following way:

  • create a PHP script
  • save it as a file (preferably .php extension)
  • run the following command in the Command Prompt/DOS Prompt:
php myfile.php

That should run your script.

But like Ragster said, it’s best to get up-to-speed with serverside scripting, and then with PHP itself, first. From, there’s a Windows Installer available which will guide you through installing PHP for your webserver software (be sure to have this installed first! This can be IIS for Windows, or Apache, or anything else). I’d suggest getting to know PHP before starting MySQL (but again, there’s perfectly good installers for MySQL (see

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