I'm here


Wow, didn’t even see this forum :slight_smile: ok, so a little about me.
I’m pretty much a self-taught person. There was another forum, but now its dead. Lots of nice people on there that helped me out when i couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I’ve spent a lot time looking through examples at php.net and searching the net for what i need, bought a few books a long the way (they’re collecting dust atm though :))

I used to do 1 on 1 through msn or skype, but with my schedule as it is now, i don’t have the time to really sit down and help people out like i used to. I try to help out where i can, but if i don’t know what the problem is, then i don’t bother with the post.


Hi richei,

Glad to see you on board :slight_smile:
Thanks for your continued contributing to the forum, and for sharing your experience.
If you have any suggestions on how we can make this forum a better place, feel free to share your thoughts.


I’m just glad to have a place with active admins. I’ve been a member of quite a few boards over the years and they all died from the lack of direction and inactive admins. They’d pop in once a month, attempt to clean up the ton of spam, do a couple of posts and then go back to hibernating.

And thanks for making me a moderator, was kinda surprised when i got those summary emails :slight_smile:

As for suggestions, i’ve never messed with smf boards before (other than to install it and decide that i didnt’ care for the backend :slight_smile: ), but are there different levels of moderators? I could’ve saved both of those guys a headache if i could’ve edited Fredashay’s post to remove the insult :slight_smile: I assume there since all the boards are pretty much the same when it comes to permission levels.


Yes, fighting with spam was my main duty for last couple of years. You may have noticed some restrictions for new members, i.e. limitation to edit your own posts, post links and images, have link in your signature etc. I had to be merciless to keep forum clean :slight_smile:
As a result, this website is not attracting spammers anymore. There are maybe just several attempts per week, but this is acceptable.

And yes, there are several membergroups of moderators. I’ll check if I can enable editing posts for ‘php experts’ group.


This was my exact reaction when the emails started coming through as well lol.