im a beginner i need serious help with creating a form and database

Hi all, I hope somebody can help me

basically me and my friend are creating a website for static caravan owners to advertise with us. now the problem is we can create the website fine, but we are now stuck, we believe we need someone who knows about PHP and MySQL as we don’t have a clue

  1. we basically need a form creating that allows caravan owners to signup to the website uploading their personal information as well as caravan information and pictures. ( basically creating a page for their caravan) plus payment details

  2. once we have received their payment then we would activate their caravan page so we need an easy way to activate it etc

  3. we need to allow owners to be able to login to the website to edit any of their information when they want

really hope somebody can help me, I downloaded MySQL and PHP runner last night but its just too complicated for us

thank you

We are happy to help with specific problems you are having but we are not going to build your app for you. You really only have two options. Take the time to learn Php or hire one of us to do it for you.

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