if statement not working right

Hi, I have a simple program so I thought. What this does is the user inputs a number grade and it should return with a letter grade. I do get a letter grade back but I only get the letter "E" no matter what number I enter. I can't seem to figure out why.I have also tried adding in brackets and tried using a function for this but I still get the same results.
form action="new5.php" method="get">
	<input type="text" name="lettergrade"><br>
	<input type="Submit">


$lettergrade = $_POST['lettergrade'];

	if($lettergrade >= 92)
		echo "A <br/>";
		($lettergrade >= 84)

	    echo "B <br/>";
		($lettergrade >= 76)
		echo "C <br/>";
	    ($lettergrade >= 68)
		echo "D <br/>";
		echo "E <br/>";



Looks like you are submitting the form with ‘get’ and trying to get the value by ‘post’.
In your form try changing method=‘post’

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