If else help

Ok, so i have this project going on where i have a form that submits its data to a text file. That part is fine, i just need help with the if else statement setup. This entire thing is a little complicated but i will try my best to describe what is going on.

Ok, first off there will be an sql database that has the username, timestamp, and timestamp section id which i don’t have a better name for it what i need is for the initial part of the if statement to check the username and current date and see if it equals less than 3. if it does, then move on to check the number of times the timestamp section shows up in the current date, and if it is less than 30 then move to the next section. i then need to submit the username, timestamp, and timestamp section id to an sql database and then submit the form data to a text file/ redirect to the logout page. a bit of a complicated mess i know, but this is what i need to have done. any help is very much appreciated, i just haven’t done much with php and if else statements to know exactly what to do. Thanks again!

oh, and i meant that the first part is looking to see if the username equals less than 3. oh, and for the first 2 sections, if they equal more than 3/30 i need it to spit out an error saying please try again later.

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