IE stuff out after a while on php pages

Hi guys, sorry if this one has been done to death and sorry for the vague nature of the question and given details.

I have a problem with 2 sites, (can’t really list as one is a government site and the other is a private client).
Internet explorer (after an hour or 2, but is erratic) can’t get to the web page (computer restart \ log off required to remedy, closing and opening still doesn’t get me anywhere). Chrome and Firefox both work fine when the error occurs, as far as I can tell, they don’t suffer from the same error and can go all day.

one is a completely unique page I’ve written from scratch, the other is an interspire shopping cart which i have modified (not big commerce).

Both are php based, use session variables (session_start();), ajax, javascript, jquery, both on different servers, happens under different php versions.
(I have no control over the shopping cart used, can’t change it).

I know this is very vague but I hope it’s enough to at least start some ideas rolling. If anyone can point me in the right direction, there could be a cookie or chocolate involved.


This probably just comes down to an Internet Explorer bug that plenty of people have (addons , bad patch etc).

I’m hoping that what ever it is, it can be solved server side somehow.

“internet explorer” + “waiting for response from” + “forever”

Have you duplicated this problem on more than 1 computer?

I get it on my computer at home, the boss gets it in the office at work (not since chrome though) .
My clients get it quite a lot too, 3-5 times per day.

Internet explorer is the one thing they all have in common. No particular version though. Clients IT department may not let them use another browser though so that’s why I’m focusing on why it happens and if it’s server side.

When trying to debug it with IE. ie was just waiting for one ajax request to return, wouldn’t move on to anything else. No set function either, it would just happen after a while. Same with the online store, some pages just don’t get there after I’ve been hammering them for a while.

Normally i would use flush(); in a while loop to spit my data out in a “real time” fashion. But if your using ajax, normally its waiting for the data to finish loading before it calls the function to handle the html response, if you can get around that, flush() will work to produce your data.

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