IE ONLY session issue form auth.

I am using a Session value to authenticate form submissions. It’s pretty simple actually.

function key_generate($y) {
$key = md5(uniqid(rand(), true));
$_SESSION[$y] = $key;
echo $key;

This is called to inside the form.



Here is the issue. These are actual generated values as I am testing. Page loads, $_SESSION[‘formRegister’] becomes “93cb8ae6d9ff164d3855bba484b2c770” and the “key” inside the form also matches this.

I submit the form. $_SESSION[‘formRegister’] is now valued at “f95db449a0b6169783b77cf6add4d69f” and “key” is submitted as “93cb8ae6d9ff164d3855bba484b2c770”.

The form is loaded a good 150 lines down the page. So $_SESSION[‘formRegister’] shouldn’t be changing until a ways after the form post. Firefox works perfectly. IE only lines up about 2% of the time. Which shouldn’t it always either line up or not line up? I am so lost and all the forms in my software all use this. Because I had never tested it inside IE…until now of course.

Really? Ok, I figured it out. IE10 is the problem. If I switch the compatibility to IE9 (inside IE) is work fine. I have been trying to force compatibility because when IE does it own selection border-radius doesn’t work…time to find another work around…

What NOT to use…

Won’t let me edit my posts, sorry.

Update: I removed that and Quartz or whatever it’s called in IE started kicking in and it fixed the issue (software is on a local server). I disabled Quartz and problem returned. I also uploaded a test onto a hosted server and it does it too. Tested both in Firefox and both live and local work fine. Anyone have a clue what IE is doing and why?

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