Ideas Needed for counter that counts down!

Hello All,

I thought it would be a nice function of the site to have a count down of the goals for donation on the site,

I am asking for your help in ideas how to deploy this:

it would have the information stored in a database as the people that donate is stored in the db. The col name is donation_amount the database is DIS table name is tble_donations username is xxxx and password is xxxxxxxxxxxx (password and username is not the real one :-) )

What I would like is to have it count down form $4,000.00 and then once it hits this it is then to count down another $10,000.00 dollars.

it would display that we hit our first milestone lets reach our next big milestone to make this project a reality or some thing like this

any help would be greatly thankful for.


Okay, so what do you have so far? Where are you getting stuck (design, code, etc)?

I have no clue where to begging with this one, I am not sure what to do for design and or code


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