idea lacking experience

i dono if this is advanced or not … i know im deffinatly not lol … but im trying to make a drop down menu bottun … that calls a connection and select info out of my sql databse so that i can show the content on an ifram on the same page … i dono how possible it will be without using java , but can somone elp me out ?

If you have several IFRAMES, I’ve done it with a standard list of links. Have links in IFRAME 1 that are targeted to IFRAME2 - then read the _GET data in IFRAME 2 to make a list of links that target IFRAME 3, and so on. With a real drop down you’ll have problems not using javascript - can’t target, no onClick or whatever. I find making a nice IFRAME with a scroll bar and just standard href with target works and uses no javascript.

ok thanx for the advice , how woudl i go about incorperating javascript in with my drop down … would i have to rebuild the whole thing (not that it would take alot of work but to save time never the less)? i know nothing about java lol

i think i need to specifie its not a regular drop down menu like a form would use its a drop down style navigation menu where ive created a serious of layers that show and hide each other ( i just thoguht about it after i re read my post)

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