I was on a hiatus, but now I'm back!


I’ve been on a small hiatus because of personal family matters and I am hoping (and praying) to slowly get back to designing and developing my website. I’m basically starting from scratch, well sort of. I will be using modules (classes) and the basic HTML/CSS structure of previous projects that I have done. However, this time I’m going to be developing and designing for mobile first, tablets second and PCs last in HTML/CSS. My reason is the market is now catering to mobile market and majority of the people are using mobile phones and tablets. It doesn’t make much sense designing for the PC first for I’ll be missing out on most of the people. I will hopefully be contributing once more here in the near future as well as getting advice and help from fellow gurus. The reason I’m posting here is because I’m not really asking a question about anything. I’ll be getting my about page up in a few days at https://www.pepster.com/ and until then my real name is John.


Welcome back! Everything good now?


Welcome back John.

It really depends on the site, but I agree, I access just about every site on my phone. I’m also at a desk all day, so I use a PC a lot also.


It would be interesting to hear your first thoughts and experiences with moving to “mobile first”.

Remember the Chrome and Firefox dev tools offer a responsive mode, where you can work on your projects with the browser emulating a number of devices :slight_smile: