I want to put the subcategory name inside the tite


Hi everybody,

I bought a script and I want to change it a little bit, its a directory script.

I want to put the category name of a listing in the page title as well, not only the listing name:


  • View Listing
    function viewlink( $link_id, $limitstart, $option ) {
    global $cache, $savantConf, $mosConfig_MetaTitle, $mosConfig_MetaAuthor, $mainframe;

    $link = loadLink( $link_id, $savantConf, $custom_fields, $params );

    Set Page Title

    $mainframe->setPageTitle( $link->link_name.’ Lyrics ’ );

so basically the cat_name should be there as well. But if I add this $link->cat_name … nothing appears ! if I add this $link->cat_id only the number of the category appears.

I could post more of the script, if you need more .

Yours sincerely


does $link->cat_name exist?


I guess not.

It’s a cell in the mysql table that should appear.

the code has about 3000 Lines … I could send you the file.


Has anyone an idea ?