I want to connect my PHP database with my facebook api, can anyone help me



<?php include 'db_connection.php'; $conn = OpenCon(); echo "Connected Succesfully"; CloseCon($conn); ?> SocialAuth #fb-btn{margin-top:10px;} #profile, #logout{display:none} sEAT

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Don’t know what you are asking. Need a specific question.


Sorry for making it confusing…I need direction on how to connect the database I set up in myphp to my facebook api I set up in this code here.


You just use php to do insert statements into the table.


could you give me a link or something to it…im so lost on connecting databases with php. Thanks again




Thank you sir


If you have trouble understanding getting a db connection and inserting data I highly suggest you isolate and try this before trying to make it work with external services etc. If you have trouble then split up the task in as small chunks as you need to be able to make it work. If you try to do too much at the same time you will have trouble