i want more $str modes

Hi my name is Faisal i am not php developer.Iam running small chat server i need to fix image settings which is give below this code is right now working on my site i need to add some more things for example in this function when we set room mode “r” then its show official room and when we set “rL” then its show permanent room and when nothing then show temporary room the problem is when we set mode “ruL” or “rwL” then its not working how we fix this Please solve my this problem

Thanks alot

function showModeImage($str) {
if (strpos($str, “r”) && !(strpos($str, “rL”))) {
$str = str_replace($str, “Offical”, $str);
} else if (strpos($str, “rL”)) {
$str = str_replace($str, “Permanent”, $str);
} else {
$str = str_replace($str, “Temporary”, $str);
return $str;

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