i want a php script for restricting form sending frome one ip

first i am not a php script writer i dont know hevy php
i have a websit i included a post card sending from my site
now i want to restrict from an ip (frome one computer) only 5 post card send in 30 minuts if an ip is trying to send 6 th postcard the page want to redirect to register page

please give a solution

email: [email protected]
sorry for my poor English

The solution is relatively simple. You need to create a log of IP addresses (either text file, or better yet - database), and add there a record each time when a postcard is submitted. Before submitting new postcard, you need to query this log for current IP (query number of records in the database, total, last hour, etc.) and if set limits for this IP are reached (i.e. 5 postcards were sent) do a redirect to another page, otherwise send postcard and add record to your log.

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