I think this is PHP. Image Uploading


Ok. Well first off I got a site hosted, and I basically just want to use it to host images. It starts to get to be a pain where I have to upload all my images through the FTP client one by one. I was wondering if someone could make/put together/ find a code that will make it so my homepage of my site will be a login, where I can use my login/password so no newbs will get on my account. After I click login just want the basic site but with a little upload thing at the top that lets me upload a maximum of 20 thigns at a time. Could this be possible? I am a COMPLETE newb with HTML and PHP and all coding languages, so I hope one of you will take some time to help me make this a reality. Thanks.

My Site: http://drax.xnnetworks.webnukex.net


Very possible, incredibly needless.



For how little that is, I appreciate it. Thanks for showing me that, it helps alot. :)


check out the many tutorials at http://www.codewalkers.com. They have tutorials for forms and images but if you know nothing about PHP I would suggest you start with “Creating Dynamic websites with PHP and MySQL”. It will start you off loading the software to inserting records to selecting and deleting. All are fundamental skills that you must understand before moving on. These of course assume you know HTML… If you don’t know HTML then start there with books and numerous tutorials on the web.