I need to make a widget where do I start

Hiya Guys,

Everyone has to start somewhere and this is that somewhere for me :slight_smile: Glad to make your acquaintance! So onto the issue:

I work in Joomla! 1.5 cms environment from time to time I need to make some template edits/ customisation this is no problem for me. Until today… I need to make a weather widget. I have the information coming through in CSV format - I dont need all of it just the date and temperature, wind direction etc

So the csv comes through this URL: http://iweathar.co.za/atis.php?serial=iWE12010901-V11W1&metric=kmh

It would also need to update hourly

Where do I begin?

I’m also not sure how to implement the final product should I link to it through an iframe? or place the php code with some styling rules directly into the joomla content area?

Any help would be appreciated…

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