I need ideas for 1st assignment :)

Hey all,

So I’m pretty new to php, all good with actionscript 3, javascript etc. I’m posting here, because I need an idea for my first PHP assignment!

All we have to do, is have a database in mysql, and have a website that can update info, log users in/out, and create the users, along those lines…

I’m not too bad at the code yet, I really just need some ideas, a lot of people in my class are simply doing blogs, but I want to do something a little different, I just don’t know what…It needs to be simple, and innovative.

I would reeeeeally appreciate some ideas :slight_smile:


Really daft idea, its very late but have a simple log in/out script for users, when they log in they are given an uplifting quote, something to think about, to stimulate them mentally. It would just require a user mysql table to handle the user authentication and a thoughts table with a script that uses php script to randomly pick a thought from it to show the user :smiley:

If not just do a blog haha!

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