I need help with a order form


I’m newish to PHP so i don’t really have too much down at the minute, but i client is wanting me to create him something very simple to this http://www.bagel-bagel.co.uk/ourmenus.asp looking at it i kind of know what i’m doing but i really don’t know where the best place to start would be, i’ve been search for a tutorial thats close to this but i haven’t found any that uses as much as this, so if anyone knows one that i could use then that would be great.

Thanks for the help. Sorry if it sounds stupid but i really don’t know where to start on this.

I couldnt help but notice that your servers must be windows software as you use ASP links.

my question in addition to yours is, does PHP run on other than linux servers?

it looks like a shopping cart script to me. Is that what you want?

PHP is cross-platform compatible, and will work under most webservers, including IIS.


Thanks for replying. It’s kind of a shopping cart apart from you don’t need to pay then and there but when the food get deliverd, but a way of paying online would probably be better, but if its easier without it then that would be better for me.

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