i need a help

I want to slide a text that retrieved from database, slide 5 value of text one by one… any one help me… and send the code to in php… :::removed:::

If you need someone to do it for you, you can post in out Freelancer’s section and how much you’re willing to pay someone to write the code for you.

Thank you, i dont have money to freelance, just i need free code r any reference sites…

write to PM.

Did you solve this yet? If not you can use a combination of MySQL and Javascript or even JQuery to
accomplish this with ease. If you have learned how to load the text using PHP and MySQL, you are
most likely pulling just one line of the text at a time.
You could load all five of the lines of text and store them into a JS script. Then, once the page is really
loaded to the brower, the Javascript can slide them along your display

using just a few lines of code.
Think of the five lines of text as really just one long line of text. The Javascript would simply pull a middle
section of the combined five lines and display it. After a few moments, it would display the next middle
part of the text and just loop. This will give the appearance of five lines, but, is really just one big line.

Your PHP side can just load all five lines of text into a variable with a few spaces between each line.
The output of that, just one variable would be stored inside of the Javascript code that gets sent out to
the browser. The Javascript would need one variable to store the current position of the text that is being
displayed. You will also need to handle the end-of-line issues to start over when you reach the end of the

Well, that should get you started. If you still can get this working, you can post your code here and we
can help you debug it. Hope this helps…

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