I know oops PHP what next


Background: I am not a computer science student. I only started learning php from a brother. I started with procedural and now I can programe in object oriented style.

Problem: I keep on hearing about several php framework and libraries but I don’t know whether I should learn any of them. Do I really need tham

Present state: with the oop I learn, I have developed different web applications in addition to using MySQL, ajax, JavaScript. I utilized MVC in the design. I uses php classes and methods.

Years since learning and practice: 6 years

Question: is it mandatory for me to learn any of the php framework and libraries to be a good php programmer. Is there anything I am missing not using them in my application.

Hint: I understand the relationship between jQuery and JavaScript vert well. You can use this to illustrate the answer to me please. Personally, I don’t use jQuery, the person that thought me programming uses it. I prefer pure JavaScript.

Finally, I know the reason why I am asking this question is because I don’t have computer science background, please help me to know I should worry about this php libraries and framework that I used to hear about.

I may be a bit of a veteran in the field of coding, but I consistently remind myself that there’s always something new to learn each day. Whenever I start to believe I’ve mastered something, that’s often the moment I encounter challenges that require a deeper understanding. You can witness this process in action by looking at some of my posts here, where helpful individuals have pointed out areas for improvement.

While I haven’t personally delved into frameworks or libraries due to skepticism about my hiring prospects at 59, my advice to the younger or more experienced folks is to familiarize yourself with the widely used frameworks and libraries prevalent in the industry. While a degree or background in computer science can be advantageous, what most employers are really seeking are individuals who are adept at coding.

Thanks very much. I appreciate. There are many points you raised. One is to keep learning. And there is no end. Another is that learning php framework or libraries is good if I am looking for employment. I have observed truly that certain elements of the job descriptions for php programers in advertised jobs looks strange to me despite the fact that I am also a beginner php programmer.

Are you saying I can keep improving on the oop and not really bother myself about those framework and libraries if I am not looking for job. Currently, I am self-employed. I just want to be sure my codes are not susceptible to flaws, danger of attack or less than best practices.

I shall expect additional feedbacks

You could always post your repo link here. I am sure you would get some feedback on what can be improved in your code.

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