I have website, that is base on PHP but there is a undefined error occur automatic

I have Hotel website, Hotel in manali in mall road, after updating a PHP version code there is undefined error occur automatic, I don’t know why this error occur and I have a big problem because this error can effect my business. I am also going software company in my local area but still I am facing a problem. I don’t know how to solve this problem. Error on My Website showing in Font Screen: Bolt Error Back to merchant

website link: https://naturevilas.com/

  1. Home Page (Link: Hotel in manali in mall road)
  2. Room Page
  3. Select a Room
  4. CheckOut Page
  5. Error Page

What I have tried:

I have tried, update my PHP Code or back to old version of PHP Code(Backup file) and Connect with my local area software company, but still facing a problem.

Well, first welcome to our site !

Next, this is a code assistance site. You did not show us any code. What error messages are you receiving?

Lastly, when you create a website, you need to know about coding. Unless you use a fully installed Wordpress or other type of platform system. In your system, which loads if you wait a long time, you are loading invalid libraries. Items such as fonts from other sites. In your case, you can not do that as the items are owned by the other site. You need to copy them to your own site and rewrite the links to them so that they are loaded from your own site. Here are a few of the errors to start you off fixing them.

Wordpress system and most likely you installed things manually instead of using the correct WP plugins.

Fonts loaded from “gstatic.com” which your server does not allow, at least the way you are doing it.

Google Maps Developer mode level mapping system without the correct library links set up.

About 100+ .CSS and .LESS errors from many different CSS/LESS files.

It appears that this is a combined Wordpress and Bootstrap site with tons of plugins and add-ons.
I suspect you do not know how to debug a website. First step would be to use either Firefox or Google Chrome and right-click on your page when you first load it and select INSPECT. Then, in the developers tabs that pop-up, select CONSOLE and look at all the errors. Attempt to fix them one by one. Each error is caused by a different problem with your website.

Hope this gets you started. Lots of fixes to do. Let us know how you progress and maybe we can help with further questions…

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