I have no clue as to what to do and well

Basically I am hosting a photography forum for friends. (https://www.photomentoris.com/) It is down.
My ISP informed me that the SQL is too large.
I discovered that the SQL DBA use holds all the images within the DBase, not as a link… Result? 6.8GB DBase!!!
Since I have absolutely no clue I need serious help. I am willing to pay to get this sorted out.
The ideal solution:
Purging the images out of the SQL DBase 9and keep a link to them on the ISP server…
Setting the forum to not use the DBase but upload the images directly to the ISP server…

Please help.

If broke a rule for asking professional help, I apologize.


This is NOT a problem at all! That is why we are here. To help other programmers. And, welcome to the site!

So, to remove images from the database, just log into your database from the control panel on your server. Then, if the data is no longer needed and you want to start over, just TRUNCATE the table that holds the images. Normally you do not save photos inside a database.

A few questions… Did you create the website? Would you say it was a simple site or complicated. To just change images from database storage to a folder should not be a big job as it simple code changes. And, of course, you would need to alter where the images are loaded from which should also be easy. But, of course we need to see some code first. If you want me to view your server and code, send me login info in a private message. Do NOT post it here in this open post. You can change the password later after I peek at the site’s code. No charge! Or, others here may do the work for a fee.

Good morning, Ernie?

First I need to answer your questions…
It is a straight out of the box PHP board.
It is hosted and installed by my ISP Dreamhost (1-click install)
We have full access to the SQL DBase
As to storing the image inside the SQL DBase, this was a total surprise to me.
We have NO experience in coding. This is why I am looking for help and offer to pay.
I am waiting for an answer to send you in PM the login information (ISP level, SQL and so forth)


Thanks for the info. I will look at the PM.

Seems that I am a simpleton now… How do I send you a PM? I looked at your profile, right-clicked to find hidden menus if any… Are the PM reserved to established users?

I am out of my depth here… Something I am not doing right or missing.

Thank for the help on that too…

I sent you a private message. To read your private messaged, click on your own name. And, you should see a list of messages for you. Also, to send someone a private message, you click on their round Letter or picture, mine is an E and click on the message button there. But, yes, you might need to be an established user.

I am still waiting to get all the info needed.

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