I have deleted the user account in PHPMyAdmin

I can’t access it anymore… how can I undo it or how can I solve this?

If you have another db user, you can log into PHPMyAdmin using that and recreate the user. If not, you’ll need to access the MySQL server directly. Do you have shell access to the MySQL server?

I don’t have any users in PHPMyAdmin… How do I access the MySQL shell?

Should I reinstall PHP? I have tried reinstalling PHP and MySQL Workbench, it has still the same error

What is your setup? Is this a WAMP installation, or something else?

it’s a MAMP

I don’t have a MAMP installation so I can’t walk you through this, but googling mamp reset mysql user shows a couple of options. Have you tried them?

it’s ok now, I just reinstalled MAMP

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