I have a plan! But I have no clue how to work this stuff.

I’m technologically savvy, as is most of the age 20 population.

But I am webdesign/programming retaaaaarted.

I have the idea for a website that could be potentially popularish.

Ok. So.

Here’s the basic idea. You’re in a room. There is a mob of angry people holding rocks.
They are going to throw them at you.
Unless you can convince them not to.
So. Here’s your chance to defend your life. Tell us why you should live.
If the people don’t think you deserve to breathe their air, they throw rock.
If they think you deserve to live, they’ll give you a cookie.
For every rock they throw, you die a little.(-1) For every cookie you get, you feel better.(+1)
When you reach +10 or -10, you live or die.
So that’s the concept.

Here’s what I need it to do.

I need a user database. Ability to sign up with email confirmation. (Confirmation optional but preferred.)
The main page lets you plea for your life or go throw rocks or cookies at people.
If you choose to plea, you register and submit your reason. You’re then taken to the page to go throw rocks at people, where your plea and everyone else’s pleas are displayed.
Each plea is displayed as a list, with the entries that have been up the longest displayed on the top. Each plea is displayed with a preview of the text, with a link to a page with the full text and a discussion board.
The discussion board should be on the same page, and be organized like the Digg comments page, only without the ability to digg up or down.

When a plea reaches + or - 10, it is moved to either the “Survivors” page or the “Not So Survivors” page.



I have NO idea how to do ANY of this and would appreciate a tutor or a partner or something. >.<

Sorry, we help people out with their PHP programming problems, not their recruiting problems. You won’t find a partner here.

I think what you need is EXACTLY what Digg shows, with a few modifications. I presume you know how to build a user database and login functionality?


So I really am looking for someone to help me learn to program.

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