Hi Guys. I recently installed WodPress and I am testing a new site.

Everything was working fine when all of a sudden my access to the admin area has been blocked. I am getting the following error message:

“ERROR: cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress”

I have checked my browsers (FF, IE, CHROME) and all of them have cookies enabled. I have tried clearing history and cache, I still don’t have access.

Please help. Thanks in advance for your contributions.

You can comment out the cookie check in the wp-login.php, once you do that you should be able to log into the admin…

Here’s a post that talks about the issue and possible solutions you can try.


Hi, and thanks for your help Topcoder.

I fixed the issue by commenting out the following:


This helped me for like a day or so. Then the issue came back, but this time without the error message. It just didn’t allow me to log in.

So, someone suggested in another forum to disable my Firewall (windows 8 for me). I did, and the problem was fixed.

After I had gained access to my admin panel, then I enabled firewall again. I really don’t know how it does work, but my issue is gone since I did that… and my firewall it’s still enabled.

I use Firefox. I hope it can help someone facing the same issue. Good luck!

I run into the issue frequently. I have autologins for WordPress sites as I have several clients that have them, but trying to login again generally works.

On the same, I also have a similar issue logging into CPanel on occasions.

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