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Hello everyone I’m new to php and web development so please bare with me.
I compose a list of clients by code and allow my webpage to pull up their client#
to pull their number. successful attempt.

At the same time, i also have potential clients arriving to my web without codes and i want them to sign up to receive a code.
so in my index.php i have two sets of clients; existing and potential clients. existing will arrive to my webpage through email with a clickable link that includes the $code and potential clients will come from anywhere.
so on my index page, $code is already there.
both clients will eventually have to fill out a form “Name” and “Email”
for those that with $code i want to direct them to request.php to fill out a second form while those without, i want to direct them to thankyou.php after submission to review their input.

so this is what i have:

[code]<?php $code=$_REQUEST['code']; ?>

" method="post">
                  <input type="hidden" name="Code" value="<?=$code;?>" />

               	  <input type="submit" class="submit"  name="submit" value="<?php if(isset($Code)) echo "More Info"; else echo "Continue"; ?>" />


it only response to the second echo even with the $code.
b[/b] for those with $code, they will be taken to request.php to make an appointment which will submit to thankyou.php to review their input.
b[/b] on my thankyou.php will sum up all their inputs: Name, email, phone, date.
For those without $code, I want to just show Name and Email.

here’s my thankyou.php page

$display_info = "

Your Code is: $Code.

Your phone $Phone

You have scheduled a phone call on $theDate ,
$BestTime -EST.

*Selected appointment will adjust accordingly to Eastern Standard Time (-EST).

"; ?>

Thank you <?=$FullName;?> for your submission!

Your Email is: <?=$Email?>.
<?php if (isset($Code)) echo $display_info; else echo "

Someone will contact you with your attorney code

"; ?> [/code]

PROBLEM:For this, it shows the first echo. with or without the $code.

I hope this isn’t too confusing. Thanks in advance for the help.

ok for #1

$Code not $code

because you have this

$_REQUEST[‘Code’] not $_REQUEST[‘code’]


hope this helps

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