HTML entities help desperately needed

Hi All,
please help, this is driving me mad! I’m a PHP Dummy and I’ve been looking for a solution to this all afternoon. I either couldn’t find the answer or didn’t understand - It’s probably more likely the latter.

I have been building a new site in wordpress and I’ve implemented a bulk importing script which has worked very nicely in the past. The thing is that I now need to input some information in the input fields that are in their html entities.

This is what I’m trying to put in:

http://www.some.flv" rel=“shadowbox;height=396;width=700” title="<a href=“”>Click Here to Visit this web site</a&gt

The script changes it to:
http://www.some.flv" rel=“shadowbox;height=396;width=700” title="Click Here to Visit this web site</a&gt

as you can see, the script is puttin in the ‘<’ and ‘>’ and the " symbols instead of the ‘&lt’ and ‘&gt’ and " HTML entities.

The input field in the script for this line is as follows:

value="<?php echo stripslashes(htmlspecialchars($embedTemp)); ?>"

I’ve tried all kinds of things, html_entity_decode, ENT_NOQUOTES, etc (probably not in the correct configuration by the way)

I can go into the database and change it to what I want and the script works fine until I update the template and POOF! it’s back to putting the < " symbols in.

Please, please, please can anyone tell me what it is I need to put in the value field to stop this happening?


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