Howdy from the Mid-West!


Hello All,
My name is Jessica Brown, I have been programming in PHP since 1997 and HTML since the start of the web… I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and just sold my business to a hosting company back in November. I was working as a contractor for a company from Feb to June, although the contract ended and now I am sitting around playing with different snippets I have created over the past decade.

I am currently working on a open source project called DIABLOS Framework, which I hope someday will be a huge success for many novice to advanced programmers. If you would like the address to the GitHub to see it, please PM me so I am not spamming the forum on my 1st post :wink:

Anyways, my goal here is to meet other developers and become part of a community that will allow me to share my experience and as well as help me grow.

I am sure I will get a lot of attention since there are far less female programmers then male, but don’t count me out too fast, I have a trick or two up my sleeves. :slight_smile:

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply!


Welcome to the Forum!


Hi Jessica. I am also new here. I wouldn’t count out all the prospective female programmers from existence, many of us just choose to remain nondisclosed publicly because it makes our lives easier to be assumed to be male.