How to upgrade from php5.2 to current version


Please can you offer some advise or help.

My father and I had a website running a php 5.2 however this website has now closed down.
We brought a new domain to run our php code but discovered that php 5.2 is no longer supported and our code doesn’t work with the latest version on the new domain.

The php code was written for us by one of my father’s ex-work colleagues and
unfortunately have lost contact, so we are a stuck at the moment!

We would like advise/help on how we go about upgrading our php code
to the latest version - unfortunately neither of us know anything about the code so any help or advise would be very welcome.


If you don’t now how to code the only options are to hire someone to do it for you or spend a lengthy amount of time learning how to code.

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Thank you benanamen.
Any one you can recommend?

I am available. PM me the code and the details and I will take a look at it.

Thank you will send u details this afternoon

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